Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Shearer

Here’s a little something from Ms. Hannah Shearer who worked as a Night Editor during the turbulent 1960s:

Before the emergence of the Internet, computers, and smartphones, our Daily Cal reporters like Ms. Shearer received the news fresh off the AP wire to be passed on to the Berkeley community. Covering such events as the JFK assassination and the Free Speech Movement with her colleagues proved difficult but a “good learning experience” she said, especially with regard to focusing on reporting unbiased, factual news.

Ms. Shearer was a very hard working member of the Daily Cal team, and is proud she was the first woman on the police beat. She “didn’t like being treated differently,” and she showed that in her reporting. “[Following my own path] gave me more confidence to do that after I graduated,” she said.

After television writing positions at Universal, NBC, and ABC. She has continued pioneering in the writing field, contributing to the groundbreaking Universal program Emergency.  Ms. Shearer has continued her passion by teaching episodic writing classes at LMU to graduate students.

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