Alumni Spotlight: Steven Brint

Today we’re highlighting alumnus Steven Brint, class of ‘73, who worked as a reporter, columnist, night editor, and city editor during his time at the Daily Cal:

Reporting for the Daily Cal during the early 1970s proved very involved, exciting, and sometimes dangerous. Mr. Brint reported on the chaotic Vietnam war protests at Cal. Due to the wide use of tear gas by policemen to disperse the crowds, the Daily Californian provided gas masks to the reporters so they could continue their coverage. He described the events as “exhilarating” because of their unpredictability. “It was like almost going into combat,” he said. The divisive issue split students and staff members: students pushed for the reconstitution of the University as an Anti-War University, while residents and teachers believed the students seemed “ungrateful for their education.”

On a lighter note, Mr. Brint worked during the Daily Cal’s transition to an independent entity. He remembers the newspaper having to do two things: first, that they would be responsible, and second, that they had the ability to operate independently. He remembers a rocky start filled with high costs of production and irresponsible leadership.

Overall, Mr. Brint believes Berkeley and the Daily Cal had an enormous impact on his life. Coming from suburban Kansas City, he describes the Berkeley experience as a shift from every day life in, “black and white to every day life in technicolor.” He attributes his effective writing skills to the Daily Cal, saying it helped him “make sentences crackle.”

Mr. Brint is currently working as a distinguished professor of Sociology and Public Policy at the University of California, Riverside. We look forward to staying in connection with him in the future, as his bravery and passion during his time at Berkeley perfectly embodies the Daily Cal alumni.

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