The Daily Cal provides students with hands-on training and serves as a cutting-edge news outlet. We’ve done that for the last 147 years, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. We need resources to continue to support and train our record number of staff members at the Daily Cal. We are counting on generous supporters like you.

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Funding for the paper is threefold, coming from advertising revenue, a yearly student fee and from donations. The operational budget of the paper is about $650,000, allowing for publication four days per week during the academic year and once per week during the summer. The Daily Californian Education Foundation, the fundraising arm of the Daily Cal, is a nonprofit organization that seeks donations from alumni, grants and corporate sponsorships in order to support students and allow for the newspaper to continue operating.

With all of its innovative progress, the Daily Cal stands by its core mission of acting as the voice of students and the campus community. Just take a look at this interactive graphic , where students and community members submitted powerful and harrowing stories of their most vulnerable moments.

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