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Hardly a morning goes by without a tweet from our president, decrying the “fake news” reported by our respected colleagues at papers, television and websites. And who does the reporting? “Enemies of the people,” of course.

A quarter of our Daily Cal “enemies” are gearing up for graduation. Many will start internships or jobs that will launch them into reporting careers.

The Daily Cal is one of the prime training grounds for our nation’s new public enemies. Our dogged pursuit of the public records and major stories — plus sports and fun features as well — illustrate how our 146-year-old institution paves the way for college journalism and professional careers.

We need your help to continue training our young public enemies so that they can become professional public enemies after they graduate.  Despite some opportunities and new digital campaigns, advertising revenue continues to fall. That means we need your help to train our media professionals.

We’ve begun a new membership program that lets you donate and gives you some cool gear as result. Your monthly tax-deductible donation will go directly towards supporting and enhancing student journalism.

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