The Daily Californian is an independent, student-run newspaper that trains students in journalism and business. Students hold all editorial positions — including writing, photography, design, copy editing and illustrating — as well as most business positions. The Daily Cal prides itself on being one of the best sources of journalism training in the nation.  

Please help support the future of journalism and click on the link below to enter the 2017 Daily Californian raffle for the chance to win wonderful prizes. All proceeds benefit the Daily Californian Education Foundation.’


This year, we are raffling wines from Hafner, Six Sigma, Cass, Seka Hills, Kermit Lynch and others; Lagunitas beer; gift cards for A16 RockridgeEureka!, Gather, John’s Grill and Market Hall Foods; an original cartoon and books by Stephan Pastis plus other prizes. Tickets are:

  • $10 per ticket OR
  • $75 for 10 tickets OR
  • $100 for 10 tickets plus a ticket to our Oct. 14 alumni events in Berkeley, New York City or Washington, D.C.

(Tickets are tax deductible for non-winners)