What can you do?

The range is great – small things, big-ticket items and our wish list. And, of course, unrestricted gifts are greatly appreciated to handle emergencies, small and large.

A few ideas:

  • Do you use Amazon? Sign up for Amazon Smile, designating the Daily Californian Education Foundation as the recipient. A portion of every sale goes to the Daily Cal. Go to smile.amazon.com to enrole.  
  • Just out of college? Ask your parents to make a donation in your honor.
  • Got a new job? See if your employer has a matching program.
  • Want to fund a particular item on the wish list? Check out the list below and go to donate.dailycal.org
  • Want to have your gift last a lifetime? Make a donation to our admittedly small – $30,000 – but growing endowment. Go to give.berkeley.edu/egiving/index.cfm?fund=FW4005000
  • Estate planning: Please consider a bequest to the Education Foundation as part of  your estate planning. Many of our board members have included gifts to leave a legacy.

The Daily Cal’s wish list.

  • Sexual Harassment Investigative Team: Given the growing number of sexual harassment cases at UC Berkeley — many of which were high profile and garnered national attention — the Daily Cal would like to establish an investigative team to look at all aspects of this epidemic, with a particular focus on faculty misconduct and damage to students. We would like to have three reporters, one serving as a team leader. We envision this as a two-year project, with some travel to other campuses as stories inevitably come to light across the UC system. Cost: $100  monthly stipend for two reporters, $225 monthly stipend for team leader, $400 for records request fees, $1,000 for yearly travel expenses. Total: $6,500 per year.
  • Paid student positions: One of our biggest goals is returning newsroom payroll to the level that it was a few years ago. This will allow us to recruit more students who can’t work at the Daily Cal because they need higher-paying jobs. Cost: $2,500 per student. Total $50,000.
  • Six reporting scholarships: These scholarships would go to beginning Daily Cal staffers who demonstrate need and merit. The aim of these scholarships is to make the Daily Cal more accessible to communities on campus that have typically viewed the Daily Cal as a place where their needs can’t be met. Regardless, all students in their first semester of work at the Daily Cal would be eligible to apply. Cost: $500 each. Total: $3,000.
  • Sacramento reporter: For many years, the Daily Cal shared a Sacramento reporter with the other campuses. This was discontinued in the 1990s. With numerous tuition, sexual harassment, academic freedom and other issues facing the University, we’d like to revive this position. CALMatters, a new media outlet that covers politics and policy in Sacramento, has agreed to provide our Sacramento reporter both desk space and mentoring. We envision that the reporter would start the job immediately after commencement, with a one-year commitment. We’d like funding for two years so that we can start grooming the second-year candidate. Cost: $36,500 in salary per year, benefits, payroll taxes and expenses. Total for two years: $91,700.
  • Equipment
      • Ten iMacs:  We have several that are approaching the end of their useful lives. Most reporters and editors use their personal laptops, but we need these computers for multimedia, design and production – areas that won’t work with laptops. Cost: $1,800 each. Total: $18,000.
      • Desktops: Eight new Windows personal computers for finance and advertising. Cost: $540 each. Total: $4,320.
      • Server: Fund the yearly lease: Cost: $5,000 annually or $417 per month.
      • Photo gear: Most of our photo staff supply their own gear. Needless to say, this limits photography to those who can afford to buy equipment. We’d like to get: Canon 70D, $1,000; Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens, $1,400; Canon 24-70 f2.8, $1,750; Canon 24-105 f4 IS mki, $623; Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS mki, $1,250; shoot-through umbrella, $40; two Canon 50mm f1.8; $125 each. Total: $6,313.
  • Drone: This will allow our photo and multimedia staff to shoot stellar videos and stills during major campus events. Cost: $1,200.
  • Reporter’s notebooks: Yes, we still use them. The best discounted price is 60 dozen, which will last for more than a year. Cost: $636.
  • Travel: Covering UC Board of Regents meetings outside San Francisco is prohibitive. Cost: $1,500 per year.
  • Uber: Reporters and student sales staff need to go quickly to assignments and sales calls. Cost: $300 per month.
  • Cataloging and digitizing the photo and page archives: Cost: This a major project, and we’re reviewing with vendors and the university. Please let us know if you’re interested.
  • Pizzas: If you’ve worked in a newsroom, you know that journalists are hungry for news, scoops and pizza. We’d like to have a pizza party once a month. It might include some beer, but we’ll keep that off the record! Cost: $300 per month or $3,600 per year.

Questions or suggestions: Please contact Allen Matthews at [email protected] or 415 298-7574.